12 september 2019Dutch Harbour*Nijmegen
15 september 2019TavereneBergen
19 september 2019Plekk
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4 oktober 2019World Skate Center*Den Bosch
5 oktober 2019The Wolfhound*Haarlem
10 oktober 2019Tilt*Utrecht
18 oktober 2019Café Kafé*Doetinchem
24 oktober 2019De Uyl van Hoogland*Leiden
25 oktober 2019The Move*Arnhem
26 oktober 2019The Groove*Sittard
27 oktober 2019Het Huis Verloren*Hoorn
31 oktober 2019Grote Kerk*Emmen
2 november 2019de Zondebok & 't Zwarte Schaap*Rotterdam
3 november 2019De Artiest*Venray
7 november 2019De Zwarte RuiterDen Haag
8 november 2019Stapper*Alkmaar
9 november 2019Irish Elk*Deventer
14 november 2019SamSam*Breda
15 november 2019Molly Malone*Enschede
13 december 2019Willem Twee Poppodium
Den Bosch

Alison’s Fall is an alternative rockband that will seduce you to dance to the mechanical beats transferred onto a real life drum kit. Deep roaring synths-like bass and irresistible fuzzy guitar lines will ring through your heart. These elements all come together through the honest voice and stories of the vocals.


Like their influences The Kills, St. Vincent and Queens of the Stone Age, Alison’s Fall is not afraid of experimenting to create an explicit and unique sound.


Brother and sister Pepijn and Floortje van der Kooij are the fundamental pillars of Alison’s Fall. They know exactly what to expect from one another and share the same (musical) vision because of their years of experience playing in different bands, studying at a conservatoire, making music and growing up together.